Temporarily Deactivate a Test

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Users can now add end dates when deactivating a test or document. This gives Vanta users more control of test and document dates and the ability to temporarily deactivate or pause a test to fit your organization's needs. 


Temporarily Deactivating a Test

  • From the left-hand navigation panel, select Tests
  • From the Tests page, click into the test you would like to deactivate
  • From the top right-hand corner, select Deactivate

  • From here, select 
    • Deactivate indefinitely: Deactivate until a user manually reactivates the test.
    • Deactivate until a specified date: The test will remain deactivated until the date chosen. When the selected date arrives, the test will automatically be reactivated.


  • Select Deactivate
  • The test will be Automatically reenabled on the selected date




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