Deactivate monitoring for a resource on a Test

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This article will show you how to stop monitoring a resource, rather than deactivating a whole test,


  • There must be at least one failing resource flagged by the test for you to deactivate the monitoring
  • Select the eyeball icon with the line through it for the failing item on the test that needs attention:



  •  In the pop-up enter a reason such as and/or upload a screenshot as manual evidence, then select Deactivate:



  • Once this is done, if there are no other resources flagged by the failing test, if you refresh it or if it runs again on its own, the test should be in a passing state, and the resource will show under "Deactivated" with the option to reactivate monitoring by selecting the eye icon:




  • Please note, if you select Reactivate monitoring you will need to click "Reactivate" in the pop-up to confirm:






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