How to enroll the agent, when faced with the error message "Agent is not enrolled"

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This is a guide on how to enrol the agent when faced with the error "Agent is not enrolled" when running the doctor command.




  • Run the doctor command to make sure this is applicable to the device in question. You should see the below error : 





  1. Make sure you are getting the "Agent is not enrolled" message by running the doctor command. 
        • Mac -
          • Open terminal (easiest way is cmd + space bar & search for 'terminal')
          • Copy/Paste sudo /usr/local/vanta/vanta-cli doctor
          • Hit 'Return'. It may ask you for a password (use the password you have to download apps or to open your computer)
        • Windows - 
          • Search for cmd.exe in the search bar. Right-click and select “run as administrator.”
          • Type C:\ProgramData\Vanta\vanta-cli doctor and press return
  2. The below command will need to be run in:

    • Windows - Command Prompt Window or Mac - The terminal. 

      vanta-cli register --secret=YOURAGENTSECRET --email=YOUR_EMAIL

      An example:

      vanta-cli register --secret=1232131231asdasd



  3. The agent secret can be provided to you by your admin.

    • Your admin can go to the Computers page -> unmonitored -> Look for the VANTA_KEY.

  4. Once the relevant information has been entered into the above command format, run the command.


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