Configure Kandji - Screen Lock

  • Updated

When using Kandji, Vanta will look for a screen saver profile called "Screen Saver" containing two settings that need to be enabled.  

Create Screen Saver Profile  

  • Create a Profile in Kandji called Screen Saver


  • Pleate note: The profile must be labeled "Screen Saver" exactly, or Vanta may have issues picking up the profile.  

Configure Screen Saver Profile  

  • Next, configure the two settings below for the Screen Saver profile. Both settings need to be in the same Screen Saver profile. 
  • Screen Saver Profile > Settings > Users > Configure Screen Saver for users needs to be checked and set to 15 minutes or less.


  • Screen Saver Profile > Settings > Login Window > "Configure Screen Saver for Login Window" needs to be checked and set at 15 minutes or less.