How to Configure Kandji - Screen Lock

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When using Kandji, Vanta will look for a screen saver profile called "Screen Saver" containing two settings that need to be enabled.  


Create Screen Saver Profile  

Create a Profile in Kandji called "Screen Saver".


  • NOTE: The profile will need to be labeled "Screen Saver" exactly, or Vanta may have issues picking up the profile.  


Configure Screen Saver Profile  

Next, configure the two settings below for the Screen Saver profile. Both settings need to be in the same Screen Saver profile. 

Screen Saver Profile > Settings > Users > "Configure Screen Saver for users" needs to be checked and set to 15 minutes or less.


Screen Saver Profile > Settings > Login Window > "Configure Screen Saver for Login Window" needs to be checked and set at 15 minutes or less. 



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