How to Re-Assign Computers (Vanta Agent)

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When an employee is offboarded and their device will be formatted and given to a new user, administrators can follow the steps here to remove the agent and re-assign the device. 




  • Administrator access to Vanta 
  • Administrator/Sudo privledges on the computer




  1. On the old device, follow the steps on the Removing the Vanta Agent article to uninstall the agent. 


  2. Once the agent has been uninstalled, have an administrator head to the computers page and search for the name of the owner of the machine. You should see no results found, signifying the agent is not monitoring any device under that users profile:

    You can now have the user go to their new device and install the agent using this link here.

  3. In the event that the computer is still registered under the users name even after confirming they/or an administrator ran the uninstall command, you can click the [...] and click Remove computer to remove the computer:


    NOTE: Only do this if the uninstall command did not remove the device from the users profile. If an administrator does this rather than the uninstall command, that device will permanently be error disabled, and they will need to write into support in order for us to re-enable the nodekey to allow for future installs. 

  4. In the event an administrator sees multiple computers listed under the user, and they can confirm the user was never assigned multiple device,  it is likely a previous install of the agent from the past that was not removed properly. This can usually be identified by their large last check-in time,  often several weeks or months:

    Click the Remove computer button to remove the machine from the user, you will be prompted to confirm once more, 


  5. Once this is done, the device can be wiped/formatted and given to a new employee to install the agent. 



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