Vanta & Personio Integration

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Personio is a customizable human resources system that can integrate with Vanta to provide you with valuable information on your employees to help maintain strong security and compliance within your company. 


Personio configuration


  • From the main Personio control panel, click Settings.
  • From the Settings page, click on API Credentials under  
    • The exact layout of the sections may vary depending on your screen size. The Integrations sub-section may appear in a different position.


  • Click Generate New Credential. Screen_Shot_2022-11-08_at_2.06.58_PM.png
  • In the sidebar, choose Other as the Integration and choose a memorable name for the Credential, e.g., Vanta.
  • Select the Employee checkbox under the Read column. Leave other boxes unchecked. Screen_Shot_2022-11-08_at_2.27.09_PM.png
  • Choose the following attributes under Readable Employee Attributes. Failure to choose the correct attributes will lead to an undefined and erroneous behavior.
    • Contract Ends
    • Department
    • Email
    • Employee ID
    • Employment Type
    • First Name
    • Hire Date
    • Last day of work
    • Last name
    • Main or secondary occupation
    • Position
    • Status
    • Team
    • Termination Date
  • Click Generate new Credential
  • Copy the Your client id and secret into the respective fields on Vanta.


Vanta configuration

  • From the integrations page, scroll down to HR integrations and choose Personio
  • Select Connect
  • Copy the client ID and client secret fields from Personio to the respective fields in Vanta. Do not retain, save or print the client ID or client secret.


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