Creating Custom Controls

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Creating Custom Controls 


  • Complete the information related to the control
    • Control Name
    • Description 
    • Category
    • Effective Date 
  • Select Save



Editing Custom Controls

  • Click on the control you would like to edit
  • Choose Edit Control to edit the general information.



Assigning a Custom Control 

  • Select Edit next to Unassigned
  • From the dropdown, assign the appropriate owner 



Edit Related Standards

  • Select Edit related standards
  • Select the appropriate standard and sections
  • Select Apply 



Adding Evidence

  • From the top right-hand corner, select Add Evidence 
    • Test: Select the test to add as evidence to the custom control 
    • Document
      • Choose the default document, a new custom document, or an existing document to add as evidence. 

Archive a Control 

  • From the main Controls page, choose the ... menu, and select Archive 
  • Choose the archive effective date
  • Select Archive 


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