Getting Started in Vanta

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Vanta provides in-app tools to facilitate your onboarding journey and maximize your utilization of the platform's capabilities.


Vanta's Starter Guide

  • From the left-hand navigation panel, you can open Vanta's Getting Started Guide at any time
  • This tool will walk you through the product and outline how to complete the steps integral to using Vanta effectively 

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  • Schedule a call or start a live chat if you have additional questions

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Technical Instruction

  • If you have specific questions related to a product, feature, or integration, technical instruction can be found directly in the product
  • From the left-hand panel, select the Go to search bar or hit CMD + K on your keyboard
  • Use the search bar to find additional information 

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  • Clicking an article will open the article in-app, or you can choose to view the article in the Help Center by selecting View Article 

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Additional Resources & Support 

  • From the bottom right-hand corner, select the purple question mark

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  • This will provide additional resources for you to view, including:
    • The Vanta Help Center
    • Vanta Community
    • Product Feedback
    • Live Training 

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  • Additionally, we encourage you to Ask Ilma by selecting Chat with us. From here, you can ask your product and compliance questions or be taken to a support team member

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