How to deploy the agent using an MDM Vanta does not integrate with

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If you are using a mobile device management (MDM) tool that we do not integrate with, you can still deploy the Vanta agent using the script we provide on the unmonitored section of the computers page. It is important to note there is a VANTA_OWNER_EMAIL field in these scripts,  and we expect that it be set to a unique email string value for every install in order to register the agent to the correct user.

The field can not be set to one static email as all of the agents will register to that one person that owns the email. 

That being said, if your MDM supports passing variables/arguments to a script, you can leverage this functionality and pass the different employee emails as arguments from a text file or an array. We recommend reaching out to your MDM providers support on how to best achieve this.



  • Administrator Access to Vanta
  • Administrator Access to your MDM Tool of choice 


Script from Unmonitored Section 

  1. Log into Vanta as an administrator:


  2. Head to the 'Unmonitored' section of the computers page by clicking the hyperlink, or going to Computers, then clicking the Unmonitored tab:


  3. Now select 'View Setup Instructions': 


  4. On the Setup page that opens up, click on the last tab, Option 3: MDM and Vanta Agent:

  5. You should then be presented with three different scripts, one for Mac OS, one for Linux and one for Windows, select your script based off the OS of your devices use on your MDM:



How to register the devices to employees

If you ran the script without specifying the user email, you will need to manually register the devices to your employees. You can do this one of two different ways:

  1. The first method involves having the end user register their device via terminal or command prompt. This method requires they have sudo/administrator privileges on the device. They can open terminal or command (as an admin)  prompt and run the appropriate  register command based on their OS:

    MAC OS:

    sudo /usr/local/vanta/vanta-cli register

    Windows 10/11:

    C:\PROGRA~1\Vanta\vanta-cli register

    This will prompt a browser window to open, prompting the to sign in with their Vanta associated email address. 

  2. The third method involves an administrator on Vanta going to the Inventory Page, and manually assign owners to the devices by clicking  the pencil icon under the 'Owner' column for each device. This should have a search box appear allowing the administrator to search for a name to assign the device too  i.e. Kevin: