How to register the Vanta agent to an employee

There are a few common reasons why a user may need to manually register their device;

  • If an install fails prematurely before they get a chance to sign in and register their agent, leaving their device without an owner. 
  • If an email field is not passed during an MDM install.
  • If the Vanta Agent is already installed on the device, but registered to a different email address

In cases like these, the administrator or end user can manually register the agent using one of the steps listed below. 




  • Administrator access to the computer
  • Administrator access to Vanta


Method 1: Register Command

The First method involves having the end user register their device using terminal or command prompt. This method requires they have sudo/administrator privileges on the device. 

Mac OS Specific Instructions

  1. Have the user open Terminal (easiest way to find it is cmd+space bar "terminal"):


  2. Next have the user copy and paste the code below into the Terminal:
    sudo /usr/local/vanta/vanta-cli register

  3. Hit 'Return'. It may prompt to input a password. This is the password used for logging into the computer or installing applications.
    Note: You will not see active typing, but the text is being captured. Continue to enter the password normally and press return:


  4. A browser window should open prompting the user to sign in with their Vanta associated email, after successful sign in the device should be registered to that email. 


Windows 10/11 Specific Instructions: 

  1. Have the user open command prompt as an administrator. They can do this by pressing start, and searching for command prompt, then right clicking, and clicking Run as administrator:

    Windows 11


    Windows 10

  2. Next have the user copy and paste the code below into the command prompt and press enter:

    C:\PROGRA~1\Vanta\vanta-cli register

    This will cause additional text to print on the command line, this is expected 


  3. A new browser window should open after a few seconds prompting the user to sign in to complete registering the agent:



Method 2: Manually assigning owners on the Inventory page 

The second method involves an administrator on Vanta going to the Inventory Page, and manually assign owners to the devices by clicking  the pencil icon under the 'Owner' column for each device.


This should have a search box appear allowing the administrator to search for a name to assign the device too  i.e. Kevin:




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