Creating Custom Tasks in Checklists

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Vanta allows you to create a custom task in your security checklists. Admins who want to go beyond the default employee security tasks can do so with less effort.


Adding a Custom Task to an Existing Checklist 

  • From the left-hand navigation panel, select People -> Checklists 
  • Open any checklist from the list by clicking the checklist title


  • Scroll to the bottom of the page to Custom Tasks and enable them


  • Select + Add Custom Task
  • Complete the information and select Create


  • Ensure that you set a Start Date for the custom tasks by first selecting the task's checkbox on the left, then choose a start date:



  • After selecting a Start Date, ensure to select the Save checklist on the top right:


Adding a Custom Task to a New Checklist

  • Select Create Checklist from the Checklists page
  • Complete the required steps 
  • When on Step 2, Ongoing Tasks, there is an option to create Custom Tasks or add already made custom tasks to the checklist 


Common Issues:

  • I am unable to select a task from the custom tasks list:


Ensure that you've enabled custom tasks for the checklist!



  • I am unable to set the start date for a custom task


Ensure that you've selected the custom task that you'd like to set the start date on the left side of the page:



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