How to add a new region in your AWS integration

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This is a guide on how to add a new region to your AWS integration.




  • Make sure your AWS is connected as an integration in Vanta.



  1. What you need to do is go to:
    1. Integrations,
    2. AWS,
    3. Manage,
    4. Edit,
    5. Click on the little pencil Icon next to the numbers.

  2. Then you be presented with something similar to the below screenshot. 
  3. Then what you will need to do is click on where it says ROLE ARN
    1. Note: You don't need to do anything in that tab, you just need to click it so we can get to Region Selection. 
  4. Then click on Region Selection.
  5.  Once in Region selection, click into the empty space below US-WEST-2.
  6. You will be presented with a list of regions.
  7. Click the regions you need to add to your AWS.

  8. Then use the next button in the top right corner and click through until finished.


You may also be presented with the below screen when going to Integrations > AWS > Manage > edit




  1. From here you just need to click in the empty space underneath the last region.
  2. Select the new reason from the side window.
  3. Press Finish to save it.

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