How to remove duplicate vendors

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Vanta will automatically add a new vendor profile for vendors that have been integrated into Vanta via the Integrations page. Currently, the vendor profile created automatically created by Vanta cannot be duplicated. 

If the a vendor profile was created manually before the vendor was integrated into Vanta, there will be a duplicate vendor profile. 

Since the Vanta created vendor profile cannot be deleted, the manually created vendor will need to be removed, and the new vendor profile will need to be updated. 

You can tell the Vanta created profile by hovering over the tool's name in the vendor profile. The Vanta added profile will be grayed out and have the message below: 




  1. Go to Vendors 
  2. Search for vendor by name 
  3. Click on the vendor's name 
  4. Once the vendor profile opens click More 
  5. Click Delete vendor


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