How to connect Github

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Connecting Github as a Version Control System:


Go to the integrations page, scroll down to Version control, click +Add, and select GitHub on the drop-down.


You need to verify that you are an organization owner by visiting this page: and make sure that the you see something similar to this:

Note: Owner permission in required to connect because only Owners in Gitlab can view user information.


Once you confirmed that you are an organization owner, click Connect Github.



Once you've selected your company's Github organization,  you can select which repositories Vanta will monitor.

  1. If you select All repositories, Vanta will automatically monitor all repositories created within the organization, including those created in the future.
  2. If you select Only selected repositories, Vanta will only monitor those you have selected. Vanta will not know about new repositories unless you update this setting.
  3. The set of monitored repositories can be updated at any time through GitHub.



After clicking Install, you should be redirected back to Vanta and see Github connected to Vanta.



To Verify that Github is successfully connected, you can visit the Organization account settings -> Installed Github Apps -> check if Vanta Github Integration is there


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