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The Vanta Checklists page will show you a complete list of all the checklists created for your organization. You can manage inventories, create new checklists, and delete no longer-needed checklists from here. 


Viewing your Checklists 

  • Select People from the lefthand navigation panel
  • Then select Checklists 
  • The checklists page will show you a list of all checklists created for your organization, including the following information:

    • Checklist: Name of the Checklist
    • Last Edited: The date the checklist was last edited 
    • # of Groups: The number of groups this checklist has been assigned to
    • Point of Contact: The person responsible for managing the checklist 


  • Assigning a Vanta Admin as a Point of Contact gives users a direct contact for any questions they may have about the onboarding page. 

  • You can change the point of contact by using the dropdown in the point of contact column and assigning the appropriate Vanta Admin. 

  • You can delete a checklist by selecting the ... menu and choosing Delete Checklist, and then clicking the red delete button on the subsequent menu:

  • To view the tasks associated with a checklist, click on the checklist directly

    • From here, you can manage the checklist by enabling or disabling tasks using the toggle button. You can specify the task details in the drop down menu such as which policies this checklist will accept, or if this checklist requires device monitoring.