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The Vanta Checklists page will show you a complete list of all the checklists created for your organization. From here, you can manage inventories, create new checklists, and delete checklists that are no longer needed. 


Viewing your Checklists 

  • The checklists page will show you a list of all checklists created for your organization, including the following information:
    • Checklist: Name of the Checklist
    • Last Edited: The date the checklist was last edited 
    • # of Groups: The number of groups this checklist has been assigned to
    • Point of Contact: The person responsible for managing the checklist 


  • You can change the point of contact by using the dropdown in the point of contact column and assigning the appropriate person


  • You can delete a checklist by selecting the ... menu and choosing Delete Checklist


  • To view the tasks associated with a checklist, click on the checklist directly


    • From here, you can manage the checklist by adding or removing tasks

Checklist Settings 

  • Checklist settings are predefined items attached to an SLA for your employees to complete during onboarding or offboarding.


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