How to assign/reassign an owner on the Access Page

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This is a guide on how to assign an owner or reassign an owner on the Access Page.



  1. Log into Vanta.

  2. Navigate to the Sidebar. 

  3. Click on Access (Under the Manage Section).

  4. Select the integration.

    1. mceclip1.png

  5. Locate the Account name you'd like an owner assigned to. 

  6. On the far right click on the Assign or Reassign button. 

  7. Using the pop-up menu, you will be presented with various options:

    1. You can Add a New Person.

    2. Assign to an external person.

    3. Mark as not a person.

    4. Scroll to locate the person needed.

    5. Type in their name or email address in the Search/Filter box at the top.

    6. mceclip2.png

    7. Select the option you need, and this will populate the owner section. 

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