Resolve 'Needs document' Status for Vendor

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  • You will need to be an administrator on Vanta
  • You will need to have the contact information for your account manager for the Vendor 


  • Go to the vendor page and hover over the Needs document icon:


  • This will list all of the necessary documents required for that vendor; make note of these and gather them to an easily accessible location on your desktop:


In this example, the following documents need to be uploaded:
- Security Document
- Business Association Document
- Attestation of Compliance

  • Once documents have been gathered, click into the vendor and scroll down to the 'Security Assessments section:


  • Click the purple Upload Assessment button


  • Select one document at a time to upload, and specify its type. Vanta will, by default, select security assessment; if you are not uploading a security assessment, choose the appropriate document type


  • Click upload and save once complete


  • Repeat for the remaining required documents; be sure to specify each type, i.e., choose business associate agreement when uploading a business associate agreement instead of leaving it at the default Security assessment bubble. 

  • Once complete, click on Save vendor in the top right


  • The Vendor should be in an 'OK' state if all of the required documents have been added and saved



Keep in Mind


What do I do when the vendor does not have the security documents available?

  • You can reach out to your point of contact at that vendor with a questionnaire by clicking the send questionnaire button


  • You can then send a customized message and a default questionnaire with security questions Vanta has prepopulated for you. If you prefer to use your own questionnaire you can upload a new one or use a previously existing one. If you need help customizing your custom questionnaire reach out to your account manager at Vanta: 


The save vendor button is grayed out and won't let me click it even after uploading new documents

  • You most likely created this vendor and added the documents later. To have the button become available to click, add white space and delete it, or copy and re-paste the existing information in the 'Additional information section':