International Background Checks with Checkr

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Due to how Checkr processes checks outside of the US, they're not currently able to be pulled through into Vanta, however, there are a few options you have to work around this limitation! 


Manually link a custom URL:
To manually link a background check to a user, you can go directly to the employee's profile on the people page, click on the onboarding tab, then hover over background check, and you should see a link icon:

Click the 'Link' button, then click 'Link Custom URL', and then you'll have the option to add a link to where the background check is. If Checkr has a share link for the background check, you can add that, or you can upload it to a third party file hosting site (such as Google Drive) and share the link from there.

Disable monitoring for the background check requirement for a user:
You can disable monitoring for the employee from the Background check test, and upload the background check here, in the document tab: 

Create a new group without the background check requirement, upload the check via the documents tab:
You can create a new group for employees that are outside of the US by navigating to the groups page in Vanta. By creating a new group, you can choose to not require background checks for these employees and manually upload the background check here, in the document tab

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