How to Manually Install the Vanta Agent on MacOS

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  • Both your computer's administrator account and the Vanta web app's administrator account are required. You must contact the system administrator of your company if you do not have administrator access to your computer.
  • The Vanta key for your company must be obtained from an administrator if you do not already have access to Vanta. We are unable to give it to you since the key is confidential information. The Vanta key must be obtained by your administrator from this site's computers page and given to you:



  1. Open terminal (easiest way is cmd + space bar & search for 'terminal')
  2. Ask your administrator to take your Vanta Key from the unmonitored tab > set up instructions > Option 3  in Vanta (a Vanta admin must do this):
  3. Enter the command after pasting it into the window:
  4. Vanta has been installed, but it will appear that nothing has happened!

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