How to Edit SLAs in Vanta

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This is a guide on how to edit SLAs in Vanta.


There are multiple places where you can get the button to access editing SLAs. All SLAs can be edited by going to the following workflows: 

Monitors > Edit SLAs:


Policies > Edit SLAs



Additionally, all tests with a related SLA will have a shortcut to the SLA page: 



In Vanta, SLAs can be set for account access revocation, vulnerabilities, security tickets, onboarding, account setup, computer setup, infrastructure setup and software development. 

  1. Go to Monitors or Policies
  2. Click Edit SLAs 
  3. Select desired SLA from lefthand side, and set SLA deadlineScreen_Shot_2022-10-31_at_9.07.30_AM.png
  4. ClickSave Changes in the upper right corner 


Onboarding related SLAs can also be edited by going to Checklists > Settings


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