How to Reassign or Remove a Computer from a user

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This is a guide on how to reassign or remove a computer from a user.




  • Administrator access to Vanta 
  • Administrator/Sudo privileges on the computer


  • Your user has recently got a new device, and they are using this for work purposes, therefore the old device needs to be removed from the user's profile so they can register properly on the Vanta Agent.
  • A user has received a laptop that used to belong to a former employee, so this device needs to be reassigned to the new user receiving the former device.



  1. Reassigning or Removing a Computer

    1. Select a user's name from the Peoples Page.
    2. Click on the Computers tab.
    3. Click Monitored by.
    4. Scroll to the bottom and choose:
      • Reassign owner: Chose a new user to have ownership over the asset
      • Remove computer: Removing a computer is permanent. Once removed, to have the laptop reappear, the user will need to reinstall the Vanta Agent.


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