How to give a user Editor or Administrator Privileges

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To give a user editor or administrator privileges, an administrator must head to the Users & Permissions page and add the users to the employee access table. To learn more about permissions in Vanta, visit Permissions in Vanta.




  • Administrator access on Vanta




  1. From the Users & Permissions settings, under Employee Access click the Choose User box to display the search drop-down menu:


  2. Enter the name of the desired user you wish to give administrator or editor permissions to, and click them from the drop-down:



  3. The drop-down menu will disappear, next to it, you will see the user is automatically given editor permissions by default. If you wish to have them remain an editor, proceed to step five.
    To elevate them to administrator, click the drop down menu that currently states 'Editor' to change to the 'Admin' permission set:


  4. Once finished, click +Add to add them to the table:



Common Issues

If you do not see the Choose user, admin, and +Add buttons under Employee Access, you do not have administrator privileges:



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