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The Users & Permissions page lets administrators review and update the access level of the users in their company who have access to Vanta data. This is also the page where they grant an auditor access to their domain.



  • One must have administrator access to Vanta in order to add or remove users on this page



  1. Sign in to Vanta.
  2. Click settings and then click Users & Permissions :


Employee Access Section

When the Users & Permissions page first loads, you will see the Employee Access table first. This table shows all current administrators and editors on Vanta. You can learn more about these permission sets, here in, Permissions for Vanta.  To add a user as either an editor or administrator, follow the instructions here



The search bar on the right lets you search for a known administrator/editor user:

Or you can go through them up to ten at a time by clicking the "Previous" and "Next" buttons:


Auditor Access Section

Below the Employee Access table is the auditor access table. Administrators grant auditors access to their domains by adding the audit firm name to this table. The assigned auditor from that firm will then have access to their Vanta instance. These auditor users have access to view data in Vanta except for employee-sensitive data, documents and integrations. Also, auditor users cannot add or modify user access. To grant an auditor access, follow the instructions here. 



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