How to sign in when a user account exists on two identity providers

Chris B.
Chris B.
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When an organization has two Vanta domains, or a user is present in two different identity providers on two different domains, they will not be able to sign in using an identity provider. This means the all of the SSO sign in options will not work (Google, Microsofty, Okta, OneLogin).

The user will need to use the sign in with email option:

Email Login.png



  1. When signing into Vanta, select the continue with  email option, where a text box will appear for you to enter your Vanta associated email:

    Email Login.png

    Once the email is entered, click continue with email. You should see a pop up confirming the email has been successfully sent

    Screenshot 2023-09-04 at 4.26.45 pm.png

  2. You should receive an email from shortly afterwards. If you do not see it in your inbox check your spam box. Click the 'Click here' link to be taken to the sign in page:


  3. This page will allow the user to decide which Vanta instance they wish to sign into:



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