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How to connect GitLab On-Prem as an Integration

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Gitlab allows customers to connect Vanta using OAuth2. For Gitlab Cloud, we have a pre-configured set of OAuth credentials for our application. This is read-only integration using the read_api scope. We support any version Gitlab officially supports. Currently, that is 13.0 and higher. 



Navigate to the integrations page, search "Gitlab", click "Connect"


Under "How would you like to connect Gitlab", choose "Self-Managed" and click "Next"



Our GitLab On-Prem requires our customer to provide an IP CIDR allowlist to Vanta's IP address. In prod, this is

As part of the linking flow, we require you to give us the URL to your Gitlab instance. This URL is the root URL at which your instance is hosted.

Begin by entering your Base URL: 



Next, you must also create an OAuth application for Vanta within your Gitlab instance. To do so, you'll need to use the Redirect URL




Navigate to your Gitlab Applications tab, enter the Name of the new application and the Redirect URL, ensure you select "read_api", and then "Save Application"




Once created, select the new application from your application list




Copy the Application ID and paste it into the Application ID field






Copy the Secret, paste it into the Secret field, and select "Done" (lower right corner)





Authorize "Application Chosen" to use your account



Select the Gitlab group you want Vanta to scan, then Link the GitLab account

Note: Vanta is only able to connect and fetch one group and the subgroups beneath that for GitLab:

Screenshot 2023-07-26 at 9.57.11 am.png


Congratulations! GitLab is now connected


Screenshot 2023-07-26 at 9.57.38 am.png


Once completed, the integration will function identically to a Cloud instance, running the same fetches, tests, etc.

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