Integrating Vanta & Sumo Logic

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Below we will go through how to connect Sumo Logic to Vanta via the Integrations page.

Vanta requires read-only access through a user-generated API key. The API key inherits permissions from the creating user.






  • Navigate to the Integrations Page in Vanta and locate the Sumo Logic connector. Click on Connect


  • Next, you'll be asked to input your Sumo Logic Access ID and Access Key


  • Once you've input your Access Key and ID, Be sure to confirm the Sumo Logic deployment region selection. In part, You can determine this in part via your Sumo Logic URL. See this article on determining your Sumo Logic region.

  • When you've confirmed your Access Key, ID, and Deployment region, Click Store Token.
    You should see a loading animation while we begin connecting to Sumo Logic:


  • Once complete, You'll see the indicator that your new Sumo Logic connection has been created!



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