How to reconnect individual GCP Projects

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There may be times when you need to reconnect your Projects in your GCP Integration, or add new projects to an existing integration. Rather than deleting the Integration and starting over from scratch, potentially losing any ownership or scoping configuration, You can follow the guide below on reconnecting them.




  • Currently connected GCP Integration




In order to reconnect your projects individually, You can attempt the following:

  1. Edit your GCP Connection -> 

  2. Add a Project ->    

  3. Enter the same project you want to update, in this example: 'strange-radius-999991' blob  

  4. Download the connection script, copy the run command ->   Make sure you don't have any existing downloaded scripts, otherwise, the run command may not work correctly.

  5. Open your editor in the shell -> blob

  6. Delete any Existing Vanta individual project scripts and vanta-scanner-key.json blob   blob  
    Drag and Drop the newly downloaded script:

  7. Now, open the terminal -> blob

  8. Paste the run script in the terminal and hit enter -> blob    

  9. Agree to changes -> blob  

  10. Open the editor again after completed -> blob  

  11. Download the newly generated vanta-scanner-key.json blob blob    

  12. Drag and Drop into the Vanta GCP Connection Step -> blob   
  13. When you click next and move to the next step, Vanta should start pulling your resources: blob   You'll notice that any existing scoping and ownership will retain its configuration: blob  


You can now click Done and you should see all your Resources from your previously integrated projects retained their scoping and ownership. You're all set, and good to go!

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