Integrating Multiple Identity Providers

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Vanta's integrations are at the core of its functionality. Vanta integrates with multiple identity providers (IdPs) to make managing security for users from various IdPs, including employee onboarding, offboarding & ongoing tasks, a seamless process with Vanta.


  • From the left-hand navigation panel, select Integrations
  • Choose Available
  • Select Identity Provider from the service type list 


  • Select Connect and follow the prompts to establish the integration for any IdPs you would like to leverage within Vanta 
  • Once multiple IdPs has been connected, you will need to set the precedence
  • Open your connected integrations, find the IdP, and select Manage > Set Precedence 
  • Setting the precedence will determine which identity provider takes precedence for users present in multiple identity providers.


  • Select your primary, secondary (etc.) identity provider from the pop-up modal
  • Select Save



Existing Customers with Google Workspace for Vendor Discovery

  • To start pulling in data for Multiple IdPs, you'll need to reconnect your Google Workspace Integration
  • Locate your Google Workspace Integration
  • Select Manage, and then Edit and reconnect your integration.


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