How to temporarily snooze a document

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This is a guide on how to temporarily snooze a document.


There may be instances in your compliance journey when a test needs to be temporarily deactivated. Whether it's to reevaluate the process, troubleshoot, or re-install, Vanta allows you to turn off specific tests for a pre-set amount of time. In this Vanta How-To, learn how to deactivate a test temporarily. 



  1. On the desired document, select "More" then "Snooze document": CleanShot_2023-03-23_at_09.00.03_2x.png

  2. Select the date field in the popup and select the desired date you'd like to snooze the document. CleanShot_2023-03-23_at_09.09.01_2x.png

  3. Enter a reason in the popup and hit "Save":CleanShot_2023-03-23_at_09.09.25_2x.png

Once this is done, the document will remain snoozed until the selected date. 

Snoozed documents can be viewed from the 'All Deactivated' tab on the Documents & Monitors page. 

To reactivate the document earlier than the selected date, click on the desired document and select 'Re-enable' 



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