Frequently Asked Questions: What does the 'Install Password Manager' option on checklists do?

  • Updated

When Creating a Checklist, you will notice the Install password manager setting under the Require device monitoring component.


Does this prompt employees to download the selected password manager during onboarding? 

  • Not currently, but we have heard your feedback! Our product team are working to improve the password manager-employee task, Including adding Password manager tasks to the employee onboarding page. 

What does enabling this setting do?

  • When enabled, any employees who do not pass the requirement for having a PW manager will be emailed a reminder. The reminder email includes a link to download the preferred password manager selected in the checklist settings. 

If the setting is disabled, does this mean my users to not need a Password manager to pass their security checks?

  • Disabling this setting does not stop the Password manger checks. Users will still be required to have a password manager installed to pass all the security checks associated to device monitoring

Will the Vanta agent only check for the selected password manager? 

  • Nope! As long as the Vanta agent can detect one of the supported password managers listed here, then test should pass without issue. 

How do I know which employees don't have a Password Manager installed?

  • Once the Vanta Agent has been installed on your employee's computers, a list will populate on the Computers page. Each row includes information about each of your employee's computers. Each user will have a check mark or an X for each security measure column.