Register Vanta Agent - Greyed out on toolbar ( Mac OS)

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This is a guide on why the Register Vanta agent option in the MacOS toolbar may be greyed out. 



Make sure you have installed the Vanta Agent for Mac OS ( Must be MacOS 11 or Higher) 

Follow this guide here on how to do that -> Install the Vanta Agent- MacOS


Why is Register Vanta Agent greyed out?

Have you installed the Vanta agent and run through all the steps, but when you go to the V symbol in your toolbar the 'Register Vanta Agent' is greyed out? And you see the below image?


That's a good sign! 

This typically means that you have successfully been able to register the Vanta agent, and therefore there shouldn't be an option to re-register it as you've already done it!

So now Vanta will run in the background on your laptop and you can carry on as normal. 






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