Jira security Tasks not Syncing to Vanta - Troubleshooting

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Environment Details:

Once you connect a Task Manager to Vanta, We pull tasks that you've created with a 'security' tag or, in Jira's case, Label. The Labels field is a default field in Jira that allows you to add tags. We look through all the Projects the connecting user has permission to view and fetch all tasks with a
security label on them. 

If Vanta can't view any of the tasks created with a security label, records of security issues being tracked will fail, and no test data will be available for export:

However, the other resources may still fetch, such as Accounts, Projects, Sprints, etc.. 





Possible Cause

Despite Vanta being able to see your Projects and other resources like Accounts, We may not have permission to view Tasks on some or all of your Projects. This can be confusing because the integration shows no error messaging in Vanta, and appears to be working as expected. 

Ensure that the user who connected the integration has the "Browse Projects" permission in Jira:



Also ensure that there aren't any Issue Security Schemes that could be causing issues querying certain issues in Jira for the user who connected the integration in Vanta:




  • Confirm that the security tasks you've created have the appropriate Label:
    How to Label Security Tasks in Jira
  • Confirm the Account used has the required permissions to view Project tasks: How to connect Team-managed software and Company-managed business projects to Vanta
  • Attempt to reconnect Jira to Vanta in an incognito browser window. This is to make sure there aren't any pre-existing site data or cookies interfering with the process.
  • If the User you're using to connect is part of an Organization, make sure that the permissions extend to all other Jira Projects that have security tasks created in them.

If you've tried the above troubleshooting steps, but are still experiencing issues, Don't hesitate to contact our Support Team! We'd be glad to help.


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