Create a new audit window in Vanta

This is a guide on how to create a new audit window in Vanta.

Need to create a new audit window, for your Auditor, but unsure how to proceed? We've got you covered! Your new audit schedule needs to be completed by your Auditor, see the instructions below: 



  1. Auditor will navigate to their Engagement page
  2. Select "Add engagement" from the upper right corner
    • Screenshot_2023-04-04_at_9.52.37_AM.png
  3. Select your organization
    • Screenshot_2023-04-04_at_10.00.41_AM.png
  4. Select the appropriate standard
    • Screenshot_2023-04-04_at_10.01.21_AM.png
  5. Set the observation period
    • Screenshot_2023-04-04_at_10.02.02_AM.png
  6. Select "Create"
  7. Voila! Your new engagement has been created and will display in your Compliance audit schedule