How do I accept policies?

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When you're being asked to accept policies, you can view and accept them here: Onboarding page.




  • For your team members to be able to accept a policy, the policy must be complete, it can not be in a "Draft" status. Once the policy is on the Policies page, your team will be able to view and accept them. 



  1. Sign in to Vanta.
  2. If your user does not have the Admin or Editor permissions, you'll be locked to this page when signed in: Admin/Editor users can navigate here manually, or by going here from the Checklists page


This pop up will appear once you click "Learn more": 



Once you are on the Onboarding page, you'll see hyperlinks to each policy you can view the documents for if you expand the "Accept security policies" section:


To accept, click "I have read and I accept these policies":


Once this is completed, if you expand the "Accept security policies" section, you can still view the documents by using those hyperlinks: 



Congratulations, you've accepted your policies!



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