How to Update Company Information in Policy Editor

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Our policy editor pulls in two main pieces of company information automatically for users: company name and logo. This card explains some solutions and limitations for making sure these stay up to date.



There are two ways that a company logo is added to a policy:

  • When you first start a policy, the template will start with a logo at the beginning of the policy if one has been uploaded.
  • You can manually add your logo to the beginning of your policy via the "Add company logo" button in the policy editor. See this article: "Add a Company Logo to your Policies"



Common Issues

The logo that is added to the policy points to a live endpoint that stays up to date with the customer's current logo. This means that if a customer uploads a new logo, it will be reflected in the policy editor. This comes with the following limitations:

  • Uploading a new logo does not retroactively update any approved policies.
  • Uploading a new logo does not create new versions of approved policies. Customers will have to create a new draft version to see the updated logo.
  • Renewing approved policies that contain an old logo will not update the logo in the new policy. Because policy renewals take an exact copy of the approved policy version, customers will have to create a new draft version to see the updated logo.
  • The change to use a live endpoint for the company logo was introduced on December 21, 2022. Any policies that were started before then (i.e. the first policy version was started before 12/21/2022) will not have an auto-updating logo. Customers can switch to using an auto-updating logo by manually adding a logo via the "Add company logo" button and removing the old logo.

Company Name

In order to update the company name across all policies (that were generated via the policy editor), customers can use the "Bulk update policies" button found on the Policies page.






For your convenience, we provide an option to use the current company name as the "Text to replace". Please note that this uses the current name, so you should use this tool before you update your company name on the Settings page in order to make use of this feature.

Also note that by default, the tool will only update policies that are currently in a draft state. In order to include approved policies, you can turn off the "Only include draft policies" option, after which the tool will create new draft versions for any approved policies that were affected by this bulk update.


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