Questionnaire Automation with Trust Page

Trustpage by Vanta’s Questionnaire Automation is designed to help organizations quickly respond to security questionnaires and effectively communicate their security and compliance to customers and prospects. 


To get started: 

  • Set up your Vanta Integration to automatically sync your documents and policies into your Questionnaire Automation account
  • Invite your team so that more of your team can save time automating questionnaires
  • Upload Resources that aren’t synced from your Vanta account. If you don’t have a Vanta account, we recommend adding things such as security documentation, policies, reports, and white papers. Please note that only  .xlsx files are supported when importing into the Answer Library
  • Upload Questionnaires to the answer library. We recommend having at least 500 question-answer pairs for the most accurate auto-complete capabilities
  • To use our auto-complete functionality, navigate to the Questionnaires tab and create a new questionnaire. Then, upload your blank questionnaire and select auto-complete
  • Use the Browser Extension to answer any questions not completed by the auto-complete. You can also use the browser extension to complete questionnaires in third-party apps, questionnaire portals, or email
  • Download the final version and share your completed questionnaire with your prospect or customer

If you have any questions, please reach out to