Frequently Asked Questions: Vanta Implementation

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What level of support can we expect through the process? What does implementation look like? How much hand-holding will we get at the beginning?

  • Vanta has split up the compliance journey into 5 different phases with the first two - implementation and onboarding - being supported by our team of implementation managers during your first 60 days with us. We are proud to say that you have an incredible team dedicated to your success here and our implementation team along with other members of the Vanta team have put together some incredible self-serve resources to help get you started on the platform

In-App Resources: 

  • Our in-app Get Started guide is the best place to start in Vanta. We know your time is valuable so no need to schedule a call unless you get stuck. (Your IM would be happy to set up a time to help you). Everything that an Implementation Manager would walk you through can be found here. 
  • Technical Support: if you are running into technical blockers (i.e. bug, integration isn’t working the way you expected, etc.) our support team is happy to help. You can reach them directly by using the support bubble at the bottom right-hand corner of your Vanta instance or by emailing directly into

Other Resources:

  • Vanta Academy - Vanta Academy is your one-stop shop for everything you need to get started in Vanta. Once you have registered, please check out our Getting Started in Vanta: Implementation course and start watching the first video, Introduction to Vanta under Welcome & Agenda

Because of the number of self-serve options, we have seen several of our customers get through implementation and onboarding in a breeze, however, Implementation Managers are available to jump on a call or chat asynchronously if you need some additional support along the way


How often will we be meeting with our implementation consultant? What if we want to meet with them more often?

  • We strongly encourage taking advantage of the Help Center, and Vanta Academy for self-paced onboarding. Implementation managers are happy to promptly answer your questions asynchronously or schedule a Zoom call if get stuck.


Will we get help with software and audit-related questions?

  • Yes! But not all audit-related questions are created equal. IMs can speak to most of your questions but will focus more heavily on getting you acclimated to the platform with the most mission-critical steps in Vanta first. However, they can pull on our in-house compliance experts’ knowledge if there is something they can’t speak to confidently (This team can answer questions asynchronously or schedule a call through your IM/CSM if bandwidth permits). For independence reasons, Vanta’s audit support is limited and we highly recommend working with an external auditor who can help answer more specific audit questions. Don’t have an auditor? An IM can help you get connected with the right fit! Needing a vCISO? Let us know and we can get you connected with one of our awesome service provider partners. How can we feel confident we will 100% pass the attestation? We have a 100% pass rate! As long as you are doing the things you say you do in practice you have nothing to worry about.

How long does it take to make integrations, is that process hard?

  • The most critical integrations to get the most out of Vanta’s automation can be done in a matter of minutes (Ie. Identity Provider, Cloud Service Provider, Version Control, Task Tracker, and HRIS). We also have over 130 different integrations you can connect to help with even further automation. The more integrations you can connect with Vanta, the better!

What can we prepare for ahead of time? How do I know where to start and spend my time first? Second, Third, etc.?

  • Every team is different, however, we see our most successful customers will work in parallel with one admin working on the technical side (making integrations, remediation of tests, etc) while the other works on the administrative side (policies, employee onboarding, etc). Our Implementation Team recommends starting with the in-app Get Started Guide and working your way down the list until you’ve completed everything on that page. Once you’ve completed the Get Started Guide, the best place to spend the next piece of your time should be on the automated tests that are overdue, due soon, and need remediation (Monitors → Filter to ‘Tests’). Check out Introduction to Tests in Vanta Academy for more information.


What are the major Implementation and Onboarding milestones I should accomplish to be successful?

  • We’ve seen that our most successful customers will have completed their onboarding milestones within 2-6 weeks, depending on the experience and skills of your team: Training Milestones 
  • Initial training: Complete our Getting Started in Vanta: Implementation course in Vanta Academy and began working through the in-app Get Started guide.
    • Note that Vanta Academy also has a ton of information to help you get through the important milestones at your own pace such as making your key integrations, policy creation, and test remediation.

We recommend following the in-app Get Started guide workflow to ensure you are tackling the most important steps first. If you need to tackle these backwards, that’s fine as well, but the goal would be to finish everything on the get-started guide as a first step using the video onboarding guide in Vanta Academy as needed.

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