How to reactivate monitoring for a Test or Document

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If you've deactivated monitoring indefinitely or temporarily and are looking to reactivate, this is done on the "All Deactivated" page.




  • Monitoring must have been deactivated, or the document marked as not relevant.




  1. On the "All Deactivated" page, select the monitor you want to reactivate:CleanShot_2023-04-28_at_08.52.57_2x.png
  2. Next, once you have selected the desired test or document, you can click "Reactivate monitoring" for a test, and "Re-enable" for a document:CleanShot_2023-04-28_at_08.53.35_2x.png
  3. Next, you may see a pop-up calling out the checklist task if one is associated, allowing you to view the checklist settings before selecting "Reactivate":CleanShot_2023-04-28_at_08.58.51_2x.png

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