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When attempting to access Vanta using an Email login, you are encountering an error page stating "Unexpected error: Invalid magic link."





There are a few causes of this error. 

  • Link is 30 minutes old or has already been used
  • You requested too many links, and the link you clicked on was not the newest version
  • Your email scanner automatically accessed the link sent to your email, rendering it useless
  • Your email client malformed the link when opening your browser 


  1. Open up an incognito/private browser and navigate to
  2. Enter your email in the field box under "Enter your email address."Screenshot_2023-04-19_at_4.41.06_PM.png

  3. Click the "Continue wth email" button
  4. In the "[Vanta] Log in to your Vanta account" email you receive, right-click the link provide and copy
  5. Go to your incognito/private browser and paste the link you just copied 

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