Employee start dates when only using an Identity Provider

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Many organizations use an HR integration to pull in accurate employee start/end date data; however, if you don't currently have an HRIS in place or use one that's currently supported within Vanta, your Identity Provider will be used as the source of truth for Start and End dates. In some cases, this date may need to be revised.


Adjusting the Start Date

  • Due to limitations on creating accounts in Identity Providers like Google or Okta, the employee's start date in Vanta will align with the date the account was created in the IDP. This aligns with their actual life start date; you can manually adjust this from the people page in Vanta. 



If the date that is reflected in Vanta is not the accurate start date for this employee, you can

  • Navigate to the employee on the People page, click on their name, then the pencil icon on the right of the employee start date
    Screenshot 2024-06-14 at 11.58.54 AM.png
  • This change will immediately take effect for that employee. When the time comes for offboarding, Vanta will continue to look to the Identity Provider for the end date.