How to use the filters on the Control Page

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This is a brief guide on what filters are included on the Control page and how to use them.



On the Control Page, there are 6 different filters you can use to really tailor your search results, these include : 

  • Framework (Company dependant) But can include some of the below examples:
    • ISO 27017
    • SOC 2
    • CCPA
    • ISO 27001:2022
    • HIPAA
    • US Data Privacy
    • GDPR
    • Custom Frameworks
  • Owner
    • Owned by me
    • No Owner
    • Owner Offboarded
    • There will be options for relevant employees as well.
  • Category
    • Administrative
    • Basic
    • Derived
    • Physical
    • Technical
  • Source
    • Custom
    • Vanta
  • Framework Code
    • Company and Framework Dependant
  • Status
    • Needs Evidence
    • Ok



All of these filters you can use in conjunction with the others and really narrow down what you are after.

  1. Simply click on the filter you would like to manage.
  2. Tick the box for the correct option.
  3. There is a clear option button should you need to clear all options ticked. 

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