How to filter on the People Page


In the People tab, there are 4 different filters you can use to really tailor your search results, these include : 

  • Employee Status
    • Current Employee
    • Former Employee
    • Non Person
    • Inactive Employee
    • Upcoming Employee
  • Task Status
    • Security tasks due soon
    • Security tasks overdue
    • Security tasks complete
    • Offboarding due soon
    • Offboarding overdue
    • Offboarding complete
  • Employee Group
    • Company Specific
  • Audit Window
    • Company Specific 



You can use all these filters in conjunction with the others and narrow down what you are after.


    • Simply click on the filter you would like to manage
    • Tick the box for the correct option
    • There is a clear option button should you need to clear all options ticked