Vanta & Sumo Logic Integration

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SumoLogic allows customers to connect tools like Vanta using "Access ID" and "Access Key". Customers configure a SumoLogic account and after connecting with Vanta, Vanta is able to make API calls as the app.

  • In the Vanta Dashboard, use the menu (left-side) and navigate to the Integrations button



  • Click on the Available tab
  • Filter by the service Sumo Logic



  • Then click on the Connect button (this will open a modal with fields to fill out)


  • You will then need to grab your Access Id and Access Key from Sumo Logic and set your Region.
  • You can grab your Access Key from Sumo Logic by going to the Sumo Logic website, and in the bottom left corner clicking on Administrator, and then Security

  • On the next page you will need to click on "Access Keys" in the top row, and then "Add Access Key"

  • It will then open a sidebar, name the access key anything you like, and then his "Save"

  • After hitting save you will see a Success box Pop Up. 
    • Copy the Access ID and Access Key and paste it back into Vanta

  • After filling in your ID and Key information into Vanta click on "Store Token"

  • You will now see that "Manage" appears on the Sumo Logic integration within Vanta instead of Connect.




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