Resolve 'Inventory items have owners' Test

This article provide more information on how to resolve the Inventory items have owners test.

How to Fix:

  • Click on the failing resource to be immediately taken to the inventory item



  • From the inventory page, navigate to any of the inventory resource tabs you wish to check. Use the dropdown to filter resources by 'No Owner' or 'Former employee owners'


  • If the device has been reassigned to a different employee, Update the owner using the Owner drop-down



  • If the device has been is currently decommissioned or pending reassignment, removing/scoping out the device by disabling the agent 
    Note: Disabling the agent/Removing a computer is permanent. Once removed, to have the computer reappear the new user will need to reinstall the Vanta Agent



  • Both of these actions can also be completed from the user profile on the People Page: 



Common Reasons For Failure:

  • The currently assigned owner has been offboarded, is marked as not person, or has been scoped out from the connected HRIS/IdP
  • The 'VantaOwner' Bulk Tag is not set to the email address of an active user in Vanta


What Vanta is checking:

  • Verifies that all items on the Vanta inventory page have been assigned valid owners.