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Connecting Vanta & Heroku

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We support connecting Heroku as one of your Cloud Providers. You can use Vanta to Monitor your App instances hosted on Heroku through this integration. Please take a look below for steps on how to connect.

Connecting Via OAuth

  • Vanta connects to your Heroku account via OAuth
  • Sign in to Heroku to connect
  • Click Connect to Heroku to get started
  • It will take you to the Heroku login page and request that you sign in. Once you do, you're taken back to Vanta

                              CleanShot 2021-11-29 at 17.58.10.png

  • If you sign in on a different tab before connecting in Vanta, the connection is instant.

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Adding Heroku Apps

  • Once authenticated, you'll be taken to a resource selection prompt where you will decide which Heroku apps you want Vanta to have access to
  • The default choice is to Monitor all Apps
    • Uncheck this if you select Apps to monitor manually
    • Once you've selected the apps you want to monitor, Click save to finalize the connection.

Connection Completed

  • Once you save the connection, you should see a graphic in the top right corner indicating everything was successful

CleanShot 2021-11-29 at 17.45.26.png

  • You may now view the resources scoped on the connection.
Please note that MFA on Heroku can't come through unless the customer is using an Enterprise version 

 Common Issues

  • The 'Add Heroku Apps' section does not display any results, and no resources are visible

Confirm third-party OAuth access to the Heroku Platform API is enabled in the Settings tab of the Enterprise Team. See this Heroku article for instructions on how to check this.

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