Marking an Employee on Leave

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When your employees go on long-term leave, you’ll need to mark them as on leave in Vanta to pause their tasks, ensure these tasks don’t become overdue, and prevent tests from failing.

There are two ways employees are marked on long-term leave in Vanta:

  • Automatically mark employees as on leave from HRIS integrations: For supported HRIS integrations, Vanta will automatically place employees on leave in Vanta if the employee is placed on leave more significant than 30 days in their HRIS.
  • Manually mark employees as on leave: You can also manually mark an employee as on leave in Vanta.

Marking Employees on Leave

  • From the left-hand navigation panel, select Personnel, followed by People

  • Search for the desired user, and click the three-dot menu.
  • Select Set Leave 
    • When an employee is on leave, their task status will show as paused on the People Page, and their tasks will be paused. As a result, the employee will be excluded from any relevant tests.

  • Toggle the On Leave option to on so it appears as purple.

  • When enabled, you will be prompted to select the start date for the leave and an optional end date. When configured, click the apply.
  • The user will be excluded from workflows until the specified date. Their employee status will report as On Leave, and Task Status will be set to Paused.

  • If you don't select a date, you can use the three-dot menu to select Update Leave when the user returns. You can change the date or remove the leave by selecting Clear leave.

  • Additionally, you can set the end date or restore the user to active status by toggling the On Leave button off (gray). At the bottom of the page, you will see a success or error message.

Automatically mark employees as on leave from HRIS integrations

For supported HRIS integrations, we will automatically place employees in Vanta as on leave if the employee is put on leave more significant than 30 days in their HRIS system.

Supported HRIS Integrations for leave status

  • Bamboo HR