Error: “no organization ancestor for (project name)”

Environment Details

When connecting GCP, the following error is received - "ERROR: no organization ancestor for (project name)"


In order for the Vanta integration to work successfully, projects must exist within an organization. Projects without a parent organization are currently not supported by the Vanta integration. To check if your project exists within an organization, follow these steps:

1. Navigate to the Google Cloud console and select the project selector drop-down on the top left. Find "Manage Resources" from the menu button in the modal that appears:


2. On the Manage Resources page, you will be able to more clearly see all GCP projects. If you do not see the organizations icon (a building) as a parent for your projects, this means that the projects do not currently sit within an organization. See a valid setup for Vanta below:




  1. If projects are not within an organization, first create the organization.
  2. Next, migrate your projects into the organization.

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