Error: Unable to Reconnect Google Cloud Platform integration

Chris B.
Chris B.
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Administrators are unable to reconnect Google Cloud Platform integration after receiving the email prompt from Vanta. They are receiving the below error:


[ Vanta ] Creating project vanta-scanner under organization
ERROR: (gcloud.projects.create) Project creation failed. The project ID you specified is already in use by another project. Please try an alternative ID.




The administrator  is not using the latest script from the GCP connection page



Verify with the administrator if they are using the latest script from the GCP connection page. Administrators should not re-use the script they previously downloaded.

If not, r
un the script via the steps in the linking flow. This script creates the Vanta service account in the project ID described earlier and applies permissions to that service account for scanning your GCP organization.



Once the customer confirms they are using the latest script, Google Cloud Platform should reflect as Connected:



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